About Us

Our company was established in 1995 to serve local demand for fresh roasted coffee. We have been expanding from serving local customer in Los Angeles County into providing fresh roasted coffees for Mediterranean stores, grocery stores with private branding, and restaurant chains in California.

We are a small family owned company but we are looking for new ideas and new ways to expand our business. We have always been handling our customers and suppliers as part our family. Their satisfactions are our upmost priority. Many of our customers and suppliers are still dealing business with us since the first time we started the business in 1995.

Our current capacity is roasting about 10,000 lbs of green bean coffee weekly in one shift and five working days. We can easily add additional shift and additional working days or even to purchase new equipments to expand our business.

Currently, we provide one stop service for our customer starting from purchasing green bean coffees, blending and roasting the coffees, grinding the coffees, packaging the coffee per specification, and arranging the shipment for our customer.


  • Arto Odabshyan is the founder and the CEO of MOONLIGHT COFFEE Company. He has been working in the coffee industry since 1970 before he finally decided to start his own company in 1995. Arto is still active in the company and eager to expand the business while providing the best service for the customers.